East Side Public Library

East Side Public Library
The Ruins of Detroit

Friday, June 3, 2011


            Harmonious beats of straining wings propelled the raven forth as silent as a ghost’s whisper when the wind swayed his course in a whimsical fashion. Soaring high above the trees there was an aura of beauty as a rainbow captivated the sky giving the monochromes bird a grotesque appearance against the dreamer’s paradise. Ah, America. The raven felt like the perfect addition to the peaceful landscape; captivating. Into the distance he soared above the great plains of the bright summer day as the rainbow drifted into nothing. The adventurous raven dared to catch it before it vanished. The surge of emotion gripped the raven’s heart as the colors faded. “Exquisite, evasive, extraordinary” sung through his skull as fatigue sent him to rest in a tree and proclaim this beautiful evanescence in solitude.


            “It’s wretched hot in these ghastly bloomers and quite honestly those stuck up prats don’t need their precious water at this time, they’re too lazy to get off their white rumps anyway!” She peered left, glanced right and came to the content conclusion that all was clear. She slipped off her over-dress and wriggled out of the thick under garments.
            The sun reflected off the water in such an inviting fashion. The earth was smoldering under the unforgiving rays, even the little critters were too parched to chirp and click. Every organism seemed to hide in the shade, free from boiling and scorching under the safe haven of tree leaves. She viewed the surroundings, sweat glistening off of her skin. The mountains were so serene for the water made a splendid compliment. The trees loomed over the clearing of grass in a forgiving way, protecting the tiny kin from the ceaseless searing.
            She didn’t test the water but instead plummeted in bare-skinned and felt a cool refreshment rush over her, calming her skin and muscles. “Oh good god! Really, it’s dreadful cold but I reckon this is the better end of the deal.” She whispered to herself, greedily enjoying this pleasure as her masters waited for the pail of water. “Honestly, I’ve been a damn servant for years and I still have to sleep in the hay.” She untangled a strand of hay from her hair and threw it far into the distance.
            Through the trees a man stood unaware of the beautiful woman basking in the lake. He too was looking for sweet relief but not from a demanding household but a demanding nation. The prince stood in his knickers, about ready to feel the water through his thick burgundy hair. As he hung the last of his clothing on the branch he noticed the pail nestled in the lush greenery. Then, a glittering parade of ripples caught his eye, followed by the silhouette of a young woman with a seemingly perfect figure.
            Cheeks flushed he adverted his eyes, unsure of what route to take. It honestly was unbearable to view the lake and not want to take a dip in but he decided against pursuing this gorgeous maiden in such a fashion, but hell, he was the prince after all.