East Side Public Library

East Side Public Library
The Ruins of Detroit

Friday, June 3, 2011


            Harmonious beats of straining wings propelled the raven forth as silent as a ghost’s whisper when the wind swayed his course in a whimsical fashion. Soaring high above the trees there was an aura of beauty as a rainbow captivated the sky giving the monochromes bird a grotesque appearance against the dreamer’s paradise. Ah, America. The raven felt like the perfect addition to the peaceful landscape; captivating. Into the distance he soared above the great plains of the bright summer day as the rainbow drifted into nothing. The adventurous raven dared to catch it before it vanished. The surge of emotion gripped the raven’s heart as the colors faded. “Exquisite, evasive, extraordinary” sung through his skull as fatigue sent him to rest in a tree and proclaim this beautiful evanescence in solitude.

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