East Side Public Library

East Side Public Library
The Ruins of Detroit

Friday, April 29, 2011

Minisode Two

     Quite honestly she saw him as too good to be true. They were surrounded by a crowd of flirtatious singles, nervous new couples, and old friends. He had held the door, helped take her jacket off, and even pulled the chair out for her. As the crowd bustled around them there was a subtle shell of calmness that kept the conversation light but intimate. He was interested in Olivia and she began searching for reasons to see a flash of white. The defiant jaw line emphasized his straight teeth and charming dimples.
     "Oh but really now, a girl like you, slaving away behind a mountain of gloriously wasted paper and terrible writing? Seems like you could be well on your way by now, somewhere bigger and better. What is it that you want to do anyway? You keep dancing around the topic."
     "The things that I want to do and the things that I will do are so far from each other it doesn't really matter. We'll just go with the idea that I'll forever be dealing with the minuscule and tedious task of accounting."
     "There you go again, what the hell do you want to do? Why settle for less?" His fingertips were less than an inch from her folded hands. She could feel the heat radiating off of his body as she noted his chivalrous behavior.
     "If I could I would just get out of this place. I want to really hold all of the accounts of those high-end snobs that blow their money on 'fine art' because really, who doesn't want a large wall-sized painting of three colored lines for $68,000? Sometimes I cannot understand art. I'd really only use that as an excuse to go out and travel, wasting oodles of money that they would never notice gone." There was a sliver of teeth and a deep chuckle as Connor Rouge's eyes burned deep. Connor Rouge, a gentleman. Connor Rouge who had graduated from college two years prior. "Well, what about you Mr. Mysterious? Why are you still in this town? I don't see you starving your social life by hitting the books every day and night."
     There was an odd air suddenly where the shield of serenity faded, his smile faltered in a moment, and for a second Olivia's attention was focused on the crowd. The magic came back as quickly as it left and the meeting carried through the night.


  1. What?! NO! Do not stop now. Your pieces are always so interesting and for some odd reason I feel like I am in on someting and know who your inspiration was for the description of Connor Rouge. I guess that will go untold. I find your word choice funny, I especially enjoyed "oodles."

  2. I agree with Maricruz. I've always enjoyed your writing and your word choice is interesting and I think thats one of the reasons why I enjoy reading your work. Keep it up.

  3. Wow. I really wasn't expecting it to end like that! I just wanted to keep reading. This is such an interesting story, the way you spread the detail and add in the scenery. I like it. Also, it didn't even seem like we jumped into a story. The story started really smooth and progressed to be more interesting.