East Side Public Library

East Side Public Library
The Ruins of Detroit

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Evoking Couplets

This is something I wrote to really just evoke a response. It isn't about anyone that I actually know, there wasn't even a real muse...unless you want to count Lindsay Lohan's character in "Mean Girls."

*  *  *

To walk in a row two by two
I hardly even realize that one is you.
With you hair and make-up all the same
Honestly now, I am not the one to blame.
You declare yourself unique and different,
And there is no way you are your claimed misfit.
So as you sit there and gossip and speak of pseudo-truths
Don’t you ever dare speak a word against Ruth.
Ruth is an individual and Ruth is true
And Ruth is living a life quite unlike you.
She actually cares about others and is one in a million
Unlike your plastic cut-out self manufactured by the billion.
All you ever crave is to look "cute" and "important."
Well let me tell you, your personality is dirtier than my doormat.
Look at me and sneer all you want,
But honey, mother gave me more to flaunt.
So hike down your shirt and yank up your shorts,
And I'll see you in a few years during a custody battle in court.
Call me blunt all you want, even call me brutal,
But you are the media's tiny toy poodle.
They carry you around and dress you as the intend;
You are hanging on a leash, you know, don't pretend.
I stand before you, ranting and raving,
But I can see through to the personality you're saving.
Please break free from your fake outer shell,
And honestly ask, what purpose you attempt to sell?
Exactly, there is none, you have no crowd.
So stop writing a speech for society's acceptance for they only frown.
Don't plead to good ol' mirror mirror on the wall,
Because it won't show your outer beauty but your defeat and fall
For those who shine from the inside then beyond
Have a true character and beauty most find fond.
So remember not the snicker at Ruth, a girl so quaint,
But rather think of her as Genuine’s saint.
Because you aren't so great and you're not so grand,
And despite your high GPA and "friends" you're rather quite bland.
I was once a friend when convenient but now just a burden,
But hell, your real "friends" go on and herd 'em;
Because they, like you, are just sheep in life,
And I'd be ashamed if I was a man and you were my wife.
I know that you would lack care and compassion
For being plastic is your favorite past-time interaction.
And I ask you one more time to not be what you act like, scum,
But instead defy the plastic and be real from toe to mind to thumb.
Once you do that you won't be filed in a line.
Then after that you and I can be friends and be kind.


  1. Alex, I absolutely love this poem. Not only did it flow smoothly that I actually read it aloud. Everything in this poem is so true, especially in high school and I love how you present it like a brutal truth. Please keep writing more poetry. I enjoy reading it a lot!