East Side Public Library

East Side Public Library
The Ruins of Detroit

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Assigned by a Buttface

Agatha Christie, what a gal. She’s mellow when she wants to be, hyper when she wants to be. With flowing black hair and an addiction to cottage cheese and peanut butter she is someone people find all too fond. Sure, her exotic appearance forces people to stare but most of them find her to be a beautiful young lady. Only a few years after her teens her youth is charming and inviting. I suppose you could say she is ideal; however, some characteristics hinder perfection but those are all minimal.
She loves hockey oddly enough. Get her in a hockey stadium and you’ll hear her cheer from across the rink, and whether it’s appropriate for children I’ll spoil the fun and fill you in that no, no it is not. I mean, this isn’t to say she isn’t a good role model…she is one of the most athletic people I know, running faster than anyone I’ve ever seen with an eye that can spot any high ball.
Aggie is such a daddy’s girl too. Pops is her favorite and everyone knows it, they’re always playing catch in the park and always walk together and he simply adores her. I mean, yeah, sometimes she gets out of line and he isn’t afraid to scold her but their friendship is gained soon enough. This isn’t to say Aggie doesn’t love her mama but it’s kind of clear who she prefers.
As for her sisters we get along lovely. We’re always bathing in the sun together, always hanging out, always skateboarding. Our similar intellect make us quite compatible, along with our sleeping habits of…none. We have a lot of the same facial features as well which make us quite the hoot at dinner; her eyebrows are very expressive as mine. We both even hate shopping, she’s not a prissy little thing which is quite a relief. In the winter we’re two peas in a pod, she loves the cold, I love the cold. In the spring we’re twins, she hates the cold rain, I hate the cold rain. In the summer it’s like we’re separated at birth, she loves basking, I love basking. Even in the fall we are soul mates, she loves being outside, I love being outside.
Yeah, Aggie is pretty great, a bit vulgar, totally active, a fool, and someone I really enjoy and get along with. I mean even while rooming with her she was a joy. Sometimes her half of the room was a little messy but overall she picked her stuff up and put it where it belonged. She had a simple taste like I do so really we were the perfect pair. Aggie will never have children though, not her thing really. That’s fine though, I don’t think the world could handle another Agatha Christie…spoiler alert…Aggie is my pet dog.


  1. I guess it was a spoiler for me because I knew all about Aggie but I really love how you personified her. If I hadn't know, I would've really thought this "person" was quite interesting! The tone of this piece really expresses how much you care about your dog! I hope to see her soon. :)

  2. It is very interesting. I thought the entire time that she was an interesting person. I love how you used details to lead us to believe that she is human.